curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged (Freq. 3)

low rounded hills


rounded shoulders

Ant: ↑angular
Similar to:
allantoid, ↑sausage-shaped, ↑almond-shaped, ↑amygdaliform, ↑amygdaloid, ↑amygdaloidal, ↑annular, ↑annulate, ↑annulated, ↑circinate, ↑ringed, ↑ring-shaped, ↑doughnut-shaped, ↑aspheric, ↑aspherical, ↑auriform, ↑ear-shaped, ↑ear-like, ↑bean-shaped, ↑bowfront, ↑crescent, ↑crescent-shaped, ↑semilunar, ↑lunate, ↑cycloid, ↑cycloidal, ↑cylindrical, ↑cylindric, ↑disciform, ↑domed, ↑vaulted, ↑dome-shaped, ↑egg-shaped, ↑elliptic, ↑elliptical, ↑oval, ↑oval-shaped, ↑ovate, ↑oviform, ↑ovoid, ↑prolate, ↑ellipsoid, ↑ellipsoidal, ↑spheroidal, ↑hyperboloidal, ↑lingulate, ↑tongue-shaped, ↑olivelike, ↑olive-like, ↑parabolic, ↑parabolical, ↑paraboloidal, ↑pillar-shaped, ↑pineal, ↑plumlike, ↑rod-shaped, ↑rodlike, ↑rotund, ↑terete, ↑umbrellalike
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Derivationally related forms: ↑roundedness

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